ADRE HYDROPOWER was founded in 2001 in Italy as a civil construction company. With a extensive experience in building and after consolidating its preparation in the energy sector , it has specialized in the construction of hydro power plants with particular reference to medium hydro power plants with an installed capacity between 2 MW and 50 MW.

ADRE HYDROPOWER can provide “water to wire” contracts and covers the entire implementation process by adopting strict evaluation criteria for each phase.


  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies with careful analysis to determine whether the project is feasible from the technical point of view, without exceeding the maximum estimated cost of investment, and if the estimated revenues allow an adequate financial return for investors
  • Topographical, geological and hydrogeological studies with assessments of seismic and volcanic risk
  • Hydrological study with analysis of data from several monitoring stations and their interpolation. Accurate estimates of the flows are critical because they form the basis of the expected performance and income of the hydroelectric project and are a key element in choosing the hydroelectric turbines to be installed. These estimates are made through software for the calculation of the correction factors and interpolation applied to the data received from the closest monitoring systems. The results are presented with diagrams and tables
  • Environmental impact study and necessary permits
  • Study for the connection to the national grid or off-grid connection
  • Procurement for the best Electro-Mechanical equipment (E&M) as a result of direct agreements with manufacturers in order to get the equipment with the best efficiency for the project
  • Procurement of penstock and pipes in PE, corrugated plastic, steel or GRP (fiberglass)


  • Construction of water intakes
  • Construction of the water decanter, with the predisposition for frequent cleaning of sediment, if necessary
  • Installation of pipes under pressure and non pressure for derivations
  • Anchoring of pressure pipe
  • Construction of the powerhouse with adequate safety measures against flooding, and proper water discharge
  • Installation and/or support of the installation of E&M components and automation systems in the phase of cold and hot-commissioning
  • Installation of the cooling system for the turbine and generator


  • Electric panels in LV, MV, HV
  • Medium and high voltage power lines, connection of the electric substation to the national grid
  • Data transmission system, SCADA control, remote monitoring and management
  • Automatic system for the regulation of water flows in the pipes for proper water flow management


ADRE HYDROPOWER has a dedicated business unit for the management of the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities of the hydro power plants including

  • Cleaning and handling of the water intakes
  • Cleaning and handling of the water decanter and derivation channels
  • Periodic examination of penstock
  • Management of the turbine and generator cooling system
  • Examination of the active and passive safety system
  • Management of the automatic control and management system in remote through SCADA system
  • Management of energy selling activities on the best market conditions SPOT (where present)